… The Canadian Nuclear Workers Council (CNWC) was founded in 1993 as an umbrella organization of Unions that represent workers in all sectors of the Canadian Nuclear Industry. A list of the member Unions and the purpose and objectives of the council are attached as Appendices A & B.

The CNWC provided a written and an oral presentation to the 2013 Panel Hearings. We have reviewed the additional information, (as it pertains to the CNWC). We must say upfront that from our analysis the CNWC agrees and still supports the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s Staff conclusions THAT THIS PROJECT WILL NOT LIKELY SIGNIFICANTLY ADVERSLY AFFECT THE ENVIRONMENT…..

adobe acrobat pdf iconClick here to download the The Joint Review Panel Public Hearing For Ontario Power Generation’s Deep Geological Repository (DGR) Project & Application for a License to Prepare the Site in PDF format