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Submission to the CNSC RE: CNSC ROR on Canadian Nuclear Generating Sites for 2020

The Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council (CNWC) would like to make a submission in regards to CNSC Staff’s Annual Regulatory Oversight Report for Nuclear Power Generating Sites for 2020, Reference CMD 21-M36. Please include this letter for the Commission’s December 15-16, 2021 public meeting.

The CNWC is a regular intervenor at CNSC proceedings The Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council has been the collective voice of Unionized Workers across Canada’s Nuclear Industry since 1993. Our Member Unions represent Workers in uranium mines and mills, nuclear fuel fabrication, nuclear power plant (NPP) operation and maintenance, NPP construction and refurbishment, engineering, medical isotope production, nuclear research and development, nuclear waste management and decommissioning…..

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