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OPG Operating License Renewal Request | 03-19-06

Ontario Power Generation Pickering Overhead View

…OPG has a long history of placing worker safety very high on their agenda. They work very closely with the onsite Union (PWU) on health and safety issues. The involvement of the Union is very important. If there were any safety issues affecting workers the on site union will ensure that they are addressed.

The public can be assured that the Unions will address any safety and environment issues in the workplace. These workers, after all, also live in the communities in the vicinity of this site and are therefore very concerned that the public and the environment are not affected by any activities that take place at the WWMF.

The CNWC supports the CNSC Staff recommendation for a ten year Operating License for the WWMF. Our support is conditional on the fact that interim public hearings are conducted in the third and seventh years of the proposed license period. It is imperative that the public be given the opportunity to raise any concerns that they may have and be updated on any activities at the WWMF on a frequent basis …

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