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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Letter to Toronto City Council re Member Motion MM28.21 calling on Ont to phase out the use of gas

Dear Ms. Toft: Please distribute this letter to the members of Toronto City Council.

I am writing to you on behalf of the Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council (CNWC) regarding Member Motion MM28.21 introduced by Councillor Jennifer McKelvie and seconded by Councillor Mike Layton.

As you may know, the Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA) has been promoting similar motions in Municipalities across Ontario as well as a petition to the Government of Ontario. The motions and petition all call for phasing out natural gas-fired electricity in Ontario. Significantly, the OCAA has also long called for the elimination of all nuclear generation in the province. The truth is that if we are to maintain our reliability standards and meet increasing needs from future electrification, we will need either substantial nuclear or substantial gas capacity in our generating portfolio. Eliminating both is not an option, and eliminating nuclear ensures an increasing reliance on CO2 emitting gas.

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