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June 2024 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director’s Message

Concerns are frequently raised regarding the availability of Workers with the required skills to support new nuclear development in Canada. This is an important issue, but with proper
workforce planning it will not be a constraint. First we need to commit to new nuclear projects and start the planning and preparation process. There we can establish what employment opportunities are anticipated with high confidence.

To attract people to a career in Canada’s nuclear industry we need to expound on the numerous career opportunities and demonstrate that those future opportunities are genuine. This requires collaboration between industry, Labour, governments and educational institutions.

We know we can design, manufacture, construct, operate, maintain and fuel new reactors. The rapid expansion of nuclear generation now being contemplated has been accomplished before. The CANadian Deuterium Uranium(candu) reactor’s prototype design, the Nuclear Power Demonstration (NPD) reactor was commissioned in Rolphton in 1962. This was followed by the 200MW DouglasPoint in 1967…

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