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June 2017 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director’s Message

Some Decisions Need To Be Made

There are some pending decisions that can either positively or negatively impact Canada’s nuclear industry, environment and economy. The first will be the CNSC’s decision regarding the extended operation of reactor units by four years at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. Critics continue to raise issues about the safety of the plant, emergency response and the estimated half a billion dollar cost. The CNSC, the industry’s independent regulator, won’t let the units continue to operate if they are not safe. Emergency response plans are overseen by the CNSC and federal, provincial and territorial authorities all have defined roles. As well, reactor operators and workers make safety their number one priority. Independent analysis shows that extended operation can reduce electricity system costs by $600 million and avoid about 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gases. At the current price of $18 per tonne, that’s another $320 million worth of value

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