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Renewal of Operating Licenses for Bruce Lab A&B Nuclear Generating Stations | 09-02-09

…The Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council and the Grey-Bruce District Labour Council hereby register their support for the renewal of the Operating Licenses for Bruce A&B Nuclear Generating Stations.

The purpose and membership of the two Councils are provided in Appendix 1. One of the two Unions that represent the workers at the plants is a member of the CNWC. Both unions are members of the Labour Council. The Power Workers Union (PWU) represents operations and maintenance staff at the generating stations and The Society of Energy Professionals (SEP) represents the supervisory and engineering staff at the stations. We have reviewed in detail the submission that the Commission will receive from the PWU. . We agree with its conclusions in general and in particular that Bruce Power will make adequate provision for the protection of the environment, the health and safety of workers and the public, the maintenance of national security, and take measures required to assist Canada in meeting its international obligations.

We will try to avoid duplicating a discussion of those issues covered in the PWU and the SEP submissions, concentrating instead on the view of local labour organizations and on the view of Canadian Nuclear Workers Council on matters of provincial and national importance. We greatly welcome this opportunity to make these views known to the Commission…

Microsoft Word Icon Click here to read the full submission download it here in Microsoft Word format.

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