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CNWC Submission regarding the Application to renew the Class IB nuclear fuel facility licence for Cameco Fuel Manufacturing Inc

. . .The CNWC engages in a number of activities to further our goals including a newsletter, website, updates to Member Unions, lobbying, outreach and an annual conference for CNWC Members that we rotate amongst the various communities hosting Canada’s nuclear facilities. We previously held a conference in Port Hope and had an opportunity to tour Cameco’s facilities. Our conferences have been a great opportunity for Members to tour Canada’s nuclear facilities and learn more about Canada’s nuclear industry. The CNWC is also a regular participant in the regulatory process for Canada’s nuclear industry.

Specific to this submission, the United Steel Workers (USW) Local 14193 represents Workers at CFM. USW Local 14193 and the Northumberland District Labour Council are Members of the CNWC. I have been in discussion with Local 14193 about CFM’s application to renew their FFOL. They are in full support of the application and are submitting their own intervention.

Safeguarding the continued health and safety of our Members is always the priority for the CNWC and all of our Member Unions. One of the benefits of high occupational health and safety standards is better environmental stewardship. Safe workplaces result in safer communities. We work with our employers to ensure this is always top of mind. Nuclear Workers live, work and play in our nuclear host communities along with their families and friends. We take our responsibilities personally and seriously. In preparation for this submission we reviewed the information found on both the Cameco and CNSC websites including Cameco’s application, the submission from Cameco, CMD 22-H12.1 and the submission from CNSC Staff, CMD 22-H12 . . .

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