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CNWC Green House Gas (GHG) emmissions Position Paper


…The Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council (CNWC) is an organization of unions representing workers in various areas of the Canadian nuclear industry, including electric utilities, uranium mining and processing, radioisotope production and nuclear research. The CNWC believes that Nuclear Power, as a reliable and non-GHG emitting source of electricity, deserves special attention from policy makers to transition from a carbon-reliant economy.

Specifically, the CNWC recommends the following policy actions:

1. The Government’s of Canada and Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick create a Nuclear Technology Roadmap for Canada that focuses on maximizing the economic benefits from domestic opportunities and export sales.

2. Canada’s Nuclear Technology Roadmap should include mechanisms that link Canada’ nuclear technology to: the development of new nuclear generated electricity exports; the potential synergies of nuclear and hydroelectric generation i.e., the former providing back-up for the latter; the creation of a new national nuclear research reactor; extraction of oil in western Canada; the production of technologies such as zero emission vehicles; medical applications and sea water desalination….

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