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Climate Fight Needs Nuclear – Union Leaders Op-Ed

Darlington Plant OPG

COP26 is a chance for policymakers to choose emission-free energy, good jobs and sustainable prosperity. That means choosing nuclear power as part of a balanced energy system. Too often, climate activism and discourse has ignored nuclear and muted the voice of the people who rely on it. People are crying out for practical solutions to the climate crisis, ones that offer real hope in a green economy.

As union leaders, we will make their voices heard. Our world needs much more clean, reliable and affordable energy, and our members need secure, quality employment. Nuclear delivers both, and that’s why we need more nuclear.

This issue is the subject of a political debate. There is no scientific debate: every serious expert analysis confirms that we need nuclear to hit net zero. Nuclear has already saved 70 billion tons of CO2 emissions worldwide, and provides clean power for hundreds of millions of people. Crucially, it is our only clean source of electricity that is available 24/7, whatever the weather, and can be deployed in any country that wants it…

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