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Cameco Corp. Renewal of Operating License Application Port Hope | 10-27-06

…The United Steel Workers (USW) is a Union that takes the Health and Safety of its members very seriously. The USW has spearheaded many Health and Safety campaigns on behalf of their members over the years. This fact hopefully will assure the Commission and the Public that if there were or are in the future any safety concerns at the Cameco Port Hope facility that they would be brought to the attention of the USW and would be addressed promptly.

The workers at Cameco live in Port Hope and the surrounding communities. They are naturally concerned with the environment as well as the health and safety of their families. The USW local 13173 would naturally raise any environmental or health and safety issues, in regards to this plant, where they had concerns.

The CNWC is in full support of the USW local 13173 submission. As can be seen from their submission they have been active in the local community in assuring the public that the operations at Cameco are indeed safe…

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