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2017 Safety in Depth


Key Points:
• A “safety in depth” philosophy applies to all aspects of Canada’s nuclear industry. This includes uranium mining, fuel processing and fabrication, harvesting of isotopes for medical and surgical sterilization purposes, design, construction, life extension activities and operation of nuclear power plants and waste management facilities.
• The health and safety of workers across the industry is paramount. Canada’s nuclear industry is highly unionized. This unionization means workers have a meaningful voice when it comes to their health and safety.
• Canada’s nuclear industry is among the most highly monitored and regulated in the world. The regulator listens to and is interested in the views of workers.
• The safety of every worker and the people in the communities in which they live is the number one priority of every member of the nuclear industry.
• Canada’s CANDU reactors are among the safest in the world and have been designed with multiple safety barriers. These safety systems account for the possibilities of human error, equipment failure and external risks such as power outages, storms, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon.
• Due to these factors, Canada’s nuclear industry has an exceptional 50 year plus track record for both radiological and conventional safety. Other Canadian electricity generation sources have excellent safety records, but no other Canadian electricity generation source can lay claim to a better safety record than that of the Canadian nuclear electricity generation sector.

Click here to download the 2017 Safety in Depth Fact Sheet in PDF format.

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