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February 2014 | CNWC Newsletter


Pushing Back Is A Right And A Duty

Ontario’s decision not to build two new nuclear units means missing out on a host of environmental and economic benefits. Several independent analyses confirm this, with the most recent being last year’s Strapolec study that compared Ontario’s wind and nuclear options. Ontario’s latest version of its Long-Term Energy Plan will cost Ontario’s economy $60 billion ($60B), over 100,000 direct jobs, and increase the province’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50%.

On a positive note, the Ontario government intends to help OPG maintain the license to construct the new Darlington units although one can certainly expect nuclear opponents to question the cost. While the plan calls for the refurbishment of Ontario’s existing reactor fleet, the process is subject to seven principles. Should either OPG or Bruce Power fail to comply, subsequent refurbishment investments could be derailed.

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