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CNWC Statement on Nuclear Enabling Coal Closure

The following article was prepared by Dr. Michael Ivanco. The elimination of the burning of coal to generate electricity in Ontario is an important story that needs to be shared and understood. The CNWC believes that effectively tackling climate change will require the broader use of nuclear energy. Dr. Ivanco is a Canadian Nuclear Workers’ Council Board Member and the past President of the Society of Professional Engineers and Associates.

“Slaying the Coal Dragon”: How One Country, Germany, hasn’t and a Canadian Province, Ontario, has!

The COP-26 conference did much to highlight the climate emergency that is facing the world. The burning of coal, primarily for electricity generation, has long been identified as the number one culprit in greenhouse gas emissions. This is being tackled differently by different countries…

adobe acrobat pdf iconClick here to download the CNWC Statement on Nuclear Enabling Coal Closure in PDF format

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