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CNWC Policy position on Urban Electrification


DIESEL , GASOLINE, PROPANE, AND NATURAL GAS–powered equipment is everywhere in urban environments, often only meters away from a fully functioning electric grid. Non–road transport applications include pumps, furnaces and heaters, chainsaws, mowers and string trimmers, and of course generators. All contribute significantly to urban air pollution and CO2, and most to noise.

Air and noise pollution adversely impact human physical and psychological health, and diminish quality of life. The CNWC supports electrifying all this equipment, in all residential, commercial, and industrial applications including:

1. Construction equipment and sites.
2. Commercial/industrial and residential space heating and hot water.
3. Commercial and residential cooking.
4. Specialized heavy applications, such as industrial metallurgical processes.
5. Recreational infrastructure: parks, fairgrounds, and other outdoor public spaces.

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