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CNWC Policy position on the electrification of transportation


The Council believes government-supported projects in passenger CNWC SUPPORTS THE CURRENT INVESTMENT in electric transport infrasrail should continue and expand. The time has come for freight rail to receive serious attention, even if deployed only at hubs and terminals. Battery electric vehicle (BEV) charging, targeted at commercial vehicles and fleets, is a major opportunity and represents the fastest route to general electrification.

Major electrification projects and efforts with immediate payoffs in economic stimulus, pollution emissions reduction, and general quality of life could include:

1. Electrification, by overhead wire, of Metrolinx GO Train lines in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area.
2. The Canadian National (CN) logistics hub in Milton, Ontario, approved by the federal government on condition that it incorporate truck electrification.
3. Expansion of transit bus battery electrification, as announced by the federal government in March 2021, with emphasis on the supporting electric distribution infrastructure.

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