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June 2022 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director’s Message I am a strong proponent of nuclear energy and would like to explain why, but first I want to stress how much respect I have for fact-based differing views. I was first introduced to the nuclear industry with Eldorado Nuclear in Uranium City, Saskatchewan. When the mine closed I went to College

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April 2022 | CNWC Newsletter

The exclusion of nuclear in the Government of Canada’s recent Green Bond Framework was extremely disappointing. The framework was developed without consultation. It is out of step with other recent green bond taxonomies, and is not based on science. Most important, it contradicts the valuable support, praise and leadership the federal government is providing for

2022-04-08T06:24:29-07:00April 8th, 2022|Categories: Newsletters|Comments Off on April 2022 | CNWC Newsletter

December 2021 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director’s Message    OPG’s selection of a technology partner for the Darlington New Nuclear Project (DNNP) is very welcome news. Congratulations to GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH). This is an important milestone that demonstrates the continued progress of the DNNP and the Government of Ontario’s continued commitment to the development and deployment of Small

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September 2021 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director's Message During the federal election Canadians were clearly concerned about climate change, the economy, jobs and healthcare. Nuclear Power has a lot to offer on all of those points. Click here to download the September 2021 Nuclear Workers' Newsletter Council Newsletter in PDF format

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June 2021 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director’s Message As we celebrate Bruce Power's 20th anniversary it's important to reflect on the impact of those 20 years on employees, the community, the economy and the environment. It is a remarkable success story and a great demonstration of the many benefits of nuclear power. Click here to download the June 2021 Nuclear

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April 2021 | CNWC Newsletter

Carbon emissions from the world's use of fossil fuels are a threat to our planet. To reduce those carbon emissions we need to reflect on the way we produce and use energy and take immediate actions. We can and should reduce our energy use and improve energy efficiency, but we also need to acknowledge that

2021-04-14T08:22:33-07:00April 14th, 2021|Categories: Newsletters|Comments Off on April 2021 | CNWC Newsletter

February 2021 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director’s Message A new year with new hope. The pandemic has been devastating but the response we've seen from many people and groups has been inspirational. While we're building something that resembles a normal life we need to reflect on what we've experienced and entrench what we've learned Click here to download the February

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October 2020 | CNWC Newsletter

Message from the President Thank you to everyone working through the pandemic to ensure we have a reliable supply of electricity to power our lives and medical isotopes for our healthcare. As our Country works to safely manage the pandemic we are also planning for a sustainable economic recovery. Nuclear Power offers many benefits including:

2020-10-19T10:43:59-07:00October 19th, 2020|Categories: Newsletters|Comments Off on October 2020 | CNWC Newsletter

June 2020 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director’s Message COVID-19 has impacted all our lives in many ways. Some of the changes we've seen will be permanent and there may be further changes we haven't even imagined yet. Click here to download the June 2020 Nuclear Workers' Newsletter Council Newsletter in PDF format

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February 2020 | CNWC Newsletter

National Director’s Message It is an exciting time to be taking on the reins of our organization. As many of you know, I’m not a newcomer to Canada’s nuclear industry and labour. Positive developments in our industry over the last decade show that working collaboratively is the best way to address our collective challenges and

2020-02-11T05:17:31-08:00February 11th, 2020|Categories: Newsletters|Comments Off on February 2020 | CNWC Newsletter
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