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About This Organization

In 2011, the Government of Canada sold the CANDU Reactor Division of AECL to SNC-Lavalin. The new organization, known as Candu Energy Inc., was created as the vendor and design authority for CANDU Reactors, and plays an important role in the Canadian nuclear industry, supporting the existing fleet in Canada and abroad as well as pursuing CANDU new build opportunities.

As a private sector organization the role of Candu Energy has evolved with an increased commercial focus and with other industry participants playing a larger role in the areas such as policy and international co-operation.

Unique Canadian technology

The development of CANDU reactor technology was led by Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) through the 1960s and 1970s with strong support from other industry pioneers including Ontario Hydro and GE Canada. The development of this unique and internationally successful technology is a significant accomplishment for a relatively small nation such as Canada, and it forms the backbone of the Canadian nuclear fleet and expertise.

candu e6 reactor

The workers at Candu Energy Inc are represented by:

The Canadian Nuclear Workers Council representative at the site is:

Michelle Duncan (Staff Officer)
Reza Ziaei

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SPEA represents approximately 800 people in 4 bargaining units.

The largest unit is SPEA-SE, which represents about 600 people, mostly engineers, who work at Sheridan Park in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. They also have a few members seconded to reactor sites, Bruce Power in particular.

The second largest unit is SPEA-TT, which represents technicians, technologists and trades. This unit has about 200 people and most of them are employed at Sheridan Park in Mississauga, Ontario. At any given time there may be members from this unit at reactor sites for Candu Power Plants, across the world, for outages or inspections.

There is also two much smaller Bargaining units, one in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada,(SPEA-NB), that represents engineers. Another unit is at Douglas Point (SPEA-DP) that represents technologists. Atomic Energy Canada (AECL) is the employer for these two bargaining units.